Major Events

What is PASWI?

The Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI) was founded on November 12, 1947, and incorporated on April 18, 1948. It was re-incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 18, 1988, changing its name to Philippine Association of Social Workers, Incorporated which is now famously known as PASWI.

A major breakthrough for the professionalization of social work practice in the Philippines was achieved by PASWI through its militant pursuit of republic act 4373 (RA 4373) an act to regulate the practice of social work and the operation of social work agencies in the Philippines and for other purpose was enacted into law last June 19, 1965 as amended by RA 5175 last August 4, 1967.

The PASWI also set – up a Volunteer Service Center (VSC) in 1967 in order to be able to mobilize a greater number of people in the community for social welfare through a systematic recruitment and referral of volunteers to agencies and institutions needing volunteers.