We, the members of the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. believing:

  • In the inherent dignity and worth of all persons, emanating from a Supreme Being who directs our actions of love for one another;
  • That every human being has natural and social rights, capacities and responsibilities to develop his full potentials as a human being;
  • In the human being’s capacity to change and recognize the value of unity in diversity, individual differences and pluralism in society;
  • In free men and women living in a free society where poverty, in all its forms, is neither a fate nor a punishment, but is condition that can and must be changed;
  • In the family as the basic unit of society and its vital role in the growth and development of the individual, the family system, and community;
  • That the government, the private sector and the public have a joint responsibility to promote social justice and to ensure political, economic and social well-being of all people;
  • In the role of social workers as agents and advocates of change and in the promotion of professionalism, responsibility and accountability; and,
  • That our professional practice is deeply rooted in our cultural values,

DO HEREBY DECLARE that we will abide by these standards of ethical conduct:

Relative to Self and the Profession:

  • To conduct myself in a manner consistent with the philosophy, principles, values, and beliefs of the social work profession;
  • To act at all times with honesty, openness, and transparency in all my professional transactions;
  • To constantly work towards my own professional advancement so as to contribute to the promotion of the social work practice;
  • To contribute time and professional expertise to activities that promote respect for the integrity and competence of social workers;
  • To share research knowledge and practice wisdom to colleagues and other professionals;
  • To be vigilant and act to prevent the unauthorized and unqualified practice of social work;
  • To support the professional association duly organized and constitute for the professional welfare of all social workers;
  • To respond and volunteer my professional services in times of emergency;
  • To uphold and protect the dignity and integrity of the profession; and
  • To promote cultural values that will enhance the practice of social work profession.

Relative to Clients:

To uphold the basic human rights of clients and serve them without discrimination;

  • To accept primary responsibility and accountability to clients, respecting their right to self-determination and observe confidentiality in all my dealings with them;
  • To seek out the marginalized and ensure equal access to the resources, services and opportunities required to meet basic needs; and,
  • To expand choice and opportunity for all persons, with special regard for disadvantaged or oppressed groups or persons.

Relative to Colleagues:

  • To acknowledge and respect the professional expertise of other disciplines, extending all necessary cooperation that will enhance effective services;
  • To bring any violation of professional ethics and standards to the attention of the appropriate bodies inside and outside the profession, and ensure that relevant clients are properly involved; and
  • To advocate with legislative and policy bodies for the welfare of all colleagues