The search for Outstanding Social Workers of the Philippines is an annual award given by the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI) to Filipino social workers who excel in the different fields of professional practice. This award is also called as “Puso Award” in which its trophy is projecting two extending and open hands holding a heart and the PASWI seal. The heart symbolizes the social worker who committed to the practice of the profession.

The leaning hand represents the community the social worker serves while the supporting hand depicts the agency or organizations through which programs and services are delivered. At the base of the palm is the PASWI insignia showing the vision of the Association to promote and advocate for excellence.

Thus, the Committee on Special Projects/Award is now in its initial step in preparing for this award. In this light, the association is now accepting nominees for this prestigious award. The nominations may come from the PASWI Local Chapter, and or various sectoral organizations.

Each accredited PASWI Local Chapter and various social work sectoral organization shall submit to the Chairman on Awards their nominees at the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. Room 100 C-D PSSC Bldg., Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City on or before AUGUST 25, 2016, ONE NOMINEE PER CATEGORY for the Outstanding Social Workers of the Philippines (OSWP) award.

Description of the Project

Outstanding Social Work of the Philippines Award shall be centered upon a Social worker in the administration and direct practice from LGU, NGOs, PO, GO, SWD Intermediaries, and or other social work sectoral organizations who has distinctive contribution to the achievement of his or her agency’s/organization’s vision/mission and advancement of the Social Work Profession in the field practices of Social Work but not limited to the following:

Field Setting

  • Health & medical
  • School (academe)
  • Industry
  • NGO
  • International practice
  • Corrections
  • Courts
  • School ( community outreach)
  • LGU
  • POs
  • Industry development/Labor
  • Others

Field Practice

  • Child Welfare
  • Elderly
  • Family and community
  • Disaster management
  • Women Welfare
  • Disabled
  • Comm Development
  • Others

The Selection Procedure

1. Nominees shall be recommended or endorsed by Agency Head/Supervisor to be further endorsed by PASWI chapters and to sectoral organizations nearest its locality.
2. The PASWI Local Chapters and or sectoral organizations shall screen nominees. In the absence of a chapter and or sectoral organizations nearest its locality, the names and papers of the nominees can be already submitted.
3. There shall be only one (1) nominee per chapter and or sectoral organization but two (2) winners may be declared per field setting one (1) for the admin and one for the direct service category to be submitted for final screening by the Award Committee- PASWI national office based on the criteria set duly supported by documents.
4. The National PASWI Awards Committee shall make validation of accomplishment.
5. The National Awards Committee shall select candidates from the nominees submitted by the chapters and or sectoral groups.
6. PASWI shall notify the national winners indicating the detail of the awarding ceremony.

Criteria for Selection

1. Registered Social Workers with updated PRC license (submit photocopy of PRC license)
2. Updated PASWI membership (submit a photocopy of PASW ID)
3. Outstanding/significant contributions/achievement in the field being nominated for together with proper documents (narrative accomplishment and justification by the immediate Supervisor endorsed by the chapter and or sectoral organization available. Copy of awards/Commendations/Recognitions received. Certificate of no-pending cases to the administrator where he/she is in.
4. Recommendations from co-social workers, immediate supervisor and the nominating group or network.
5. Certification of good moral character and integrity from the agency head and co-workers.
6. NBI clearance and Ombudsman
7. Four (4) pieces 2×2 picture.

Who may nominate

  • The nominations may come from PASWI Local Chapter, and or various sectoral organizations.
  • Each accredited PASW Local chapter and various social work sectoral organizations shall submit to the Chairman on Award Philippine Association of social workers , Inc. PSSC Bldg., Commonwealth Ave. Diliman , Quezon City ONE NOMINEE PER CATEGORY for the Outstanding Social Workers of the Philippines (OSWP) award


1. Has undertaken significant activities in the recognition and promotion of the social work profession
2. Ability to initiate and implement innovative ideas to improve social work activities in any field of practice.


1. Demonstrated exceptional ability to mobilize resources (internal and external)
2. Established and sustained networking/linkages with other agencies organizations/
3. Ability to manage operational difficulties and problems.


1. Family centered: a person of values that gives high regard to family in exception to professional life
2. Exceptional ability to get along well with co-workers, clients and community.