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– A Tracer Study on the Graduate of the Joint       Angeles University Foundation-Clark                 Development Corporation Aetas Scholarship       Program: Towards the Creation of a Support     Program. Author: ANTONIA B. CARIN RSW

– Beyond Medical Assistance: A Case Study of   Selected Families of Kidney Patients Served by   the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes      Office. Author: AUGUSTO B. TORDILLOS, MSSW

– Counseling Sexually Abused Children in the   Philippines: A Survey of Practices, Beliefs, and   Activities. Author: JAY A. YACAT, ZENAIDA S.   ROSALES and REGINA M. RABANILLO

– Domestic Violence: Effects on the Social   Behavior of Exposed Adolescent Girls and Boys.   Author: ELMA SOLIS-SALAMAT

– Grounded Theory Research on Empowerment of   Social Workers in Filipino Non-Government Child   Protection Agencies. Author: LOIS J.     ENGELBRECHT and WILLIAM M. BARKLEY

– Social Work at the Realm of Changing Natural   World. Author: VIVIAN DEDASE-ESCOTON


Chapter I : The 1940s-1950s: War Relief and Rehabilitation Work

Chapter II: The 1960s: Professionalization

Chapter III: The 1970s: Indigenization and the Developmental Approach

Chapter IV: The 1980s: Social Transformation and People Empowerment

Chapter V: The 1990s: Advocacy, Resource Linkages, and Support Mobilization

Chapter VI: 100 years of Social Work: Roots and Heritage